Purple Lips Racing Team
(or Monty Python goes racing)
Eugene, Oregon USA

'92, '93, '94

For over ten years, the Purple Lips Racing Team set vintage racing on its ear! The cars and team were owned by Don Chapman, running the PL Austin Healey 3000 and ex-works Datsun 2000. The team was notorious for creating havoc and mayhem, crashing parties and breaking the hearts of women all over the West Coast, while bringing a new fresh spirit to vintage racing. They backed up their ofF track exploits with success on the track. I was lucky to played a part in that history. I am trying to get more history and pictures of the team in that era up on the website and any donation of photos would be appreciated. Jerry Liudahl's e-mail: reply@oldirish.com

Today, the team is disbanded and those team members not in jail are still actively involved in vintage racing. The Purple Lips Healey is still in Oregon, and is owned and raced by original team member Bob Macherione. The Datsun currently resides in Washington state and is raced regularly at West Coast vintage racing events. Its hard to believe twenty years have gone by, it was one heck of a ride! Thanks to everyone that played even a small part in making Purple Lips Racing the best team in vintage racing.

Here are links to information about the cars and team, past and present.

1961 Austin Healey 3000 

1969 Datsun 2000 Lightweight Roadster

The Team

Below is the inscription from our original wine bottling:
Racers of Distinction and the
Makers of Cheap Red Wine

About our wine:" Official Drink of the Purple Lips Racing Team" (and a clue as to how we got our name) Our Cheap Red Wine is specially blended by the pit crew and drivers of the Purple Lips Racing Team. It is endorsed by our team spokesperson, Miss Purple Lips. When selecting wines to produce this robust blend, we ask two important questions: 1) Is it cheap? and 2) Is it red?

Blending takes place on the bench by the parts washer at the Sports Car Shop in Eugene, Oregon, where the cars of the Purple Lips Racing Team are maintained. The Sports Car Shop is conveniently located near many retailers of cheap red wine, thus assuring our blending crew a constant source of supply. For consistent drinking quality, we recommend that any bottle of our wine be consumed immediately upon opening. Any leftover wine is suitable for use as a parts cleaner, or as an octane booster. Take special care not to spill on your car, as it will damage the paint!
Thanks everyone, it was a great ride!

The Purple Lips Crew

This page is dedicated to the memory of Wade Chapman

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