Jaguar Mk2 Toolkit

Here are the contents of my 1967 Mk2's toolkit. This kit was assembled to show the car in JCOA Champion class concours and it is to the best of my knowledge correct and complete. (Jaguar) indicates that Jaguar is stamped on the tool. (see photos below)

¨ Garringtons (Jaguar) adjustable wrench         ¨ 3/4" AF - 1/2" BSF Sparkplug wrench

¨ King Dick ratchet jack handle                           ¨ 10" Tommy bar

¨ Screwdriver (Jaguar) black handle                 ¨ Angle screwdriver (4.5")

¨ Garrington (Jaguar) 9/16" AF - 5/8" AF open-end wrench

¨ Garrington (Jaguar) 3/4" AF - 7/8" AF open-end wrench

¨ Garrington (Jaguar) 11/32" AF - 3/8" AF open-end wrench

¨ Garrington (Jaguar) 7/16" AF - 1/2" AF open-end wrench

¨ Tecalemit Grease gun                                      ¨ SSP square nose pliers

¨ Cam alignment tool                                          ¨ Dunlop tire gauge (6-50 lbs.)

¨ Lucas points adjustment screwdriver        ¨ Dunlop tin with brake bleeder tube

¨ Brass tire valve extractor                               ¨ Feeler gauge

¨ Champion sparkplug with silver cardboard end protector

Here are images of the toolkit and its contents:

Old Irish Racing

Any corrections to the above gladly welcomed by e-mail Jerry Liudahl