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This page is about the left-hand drive 1967 Jaguar Mk2 3.4's that were produced near the end of Mk2 production (during 1967), and shipped to North America after Mk2 production ended.

"Officially", no 3.4 liter cars were shipped to the US market, and any 3.4 cars that came into this country were either RHD cars, or special imports.  However, it is known that there were late production 3.4 liter Mk2's shipped to North America (primarily for the U.S. market), and that they were re-badged as 340's to fill a gap in a market niche, as Jaguar 340 production did not begin until September 1967, after Mk2 production had already ended in July 1967.

I have researched these cars and have corresponded with over twenty owners, including a corespondence William Gaby who has been with Hornburg Jaguar in Los Angeles at the time. He recalls 85-100 cars being shipped to two West Coast Distributors Hornburg and British Motor Cars in San Francisco, with about 2/3 going to Hornburg.  He recalls that most of the cars shipped were white, red, or black, had steel wheels and power assisted steering. To see a copy of that email, CLICK HERE. I know from the data I have collected so far, and from what you can see in the photos below, that the cars came in a variety of colors.

I also now have Jaguar/Daimler Heritage information which confirms that Mk2's were re-badged as 340 cars. CLICK HERE to see it. I have also written an article in Jaguar Journal about these cars CLICK HERE.to see a copy of that article.

My theory as to why these cars were rebadged, is that North American Jaguar distributors wanted a lower priced sedan to fill the niche left by Mk2 when production ended in July 1967. Even though the 340 was announced and production began in September 1967, there were not many made and delivery of LHD cars did not meet demand, production had also ended on the 3.8S and the 420, introduction of the XJ6 was delayed. A deal was made with Jaguar for unsold LHD 3.4 liter Mk2's sitting in England, to fill the gap and have a small saloon in dealer showrooms that filled the gap between other models. To make them appear more contemporary, surplus Mk2's were re-badged as 340, even though the actual 340 has several noticeable differences. It was easy enough to do, the Mk2 and 340 badge on the boot lid are interchangeable and there is no other markings on these cars as to what the model is. Therefore, a problem was solved for both dealer and factory and this footnote in Jaguar history was created.

This is my former 3.4 Mk2: Chassis Number P180949BW - Engine KJ10353
Built on: 30 January 1967 - sold new out of San Francisco, CA in May 1968.

Below are images of other cars like mine that I have collected and use with permission.

P181145: This former Oregon car was sold on eBay. Manual gearbox, no overdrive.
P181404: This black car was on eBay and is one of the last of the 3.4 Mk2's made. The last 3.4 LHD made was P181571.
P180785DN: A California delivered car originally, now in Germany.

P181054BW: Another California car that is now in the Netherlands.
P181176: This car resides in Washington State and is one of the last 350 cars made.
P181390BWN: This car is now in the Chicago area, the car was originally red or maroon.

P181278DN: This car was delivered in Los Angeles by 'Henry S. Perren Motorcars to its original owner and remains a California registered car to this day.
P180929: Arkansas is the home of this Mk2, which is undergoing a mild restoration.

P180641: This is another Oregon car, love the color of green.
P181306: The Heritage Certificate on this car now in Victoria, BC indicates it was a re-badged Mk2. Great car in Indigo Blue.
P: A white car with automatic transmission, living in New York state.

P181438BW: Originally silver, now BRG this is another car in Washington state.
P181343BW: Another beige car originally delivered to California, now residing in Europe.
P181301BW: Another black car, this one is undergoing a restoration in Maine. It is a great shot of how the cars were re-badged. Love the plate!

P181322BW: Originally sold by BMC, San Francisco in July 1967, it now resides in Vancouver, BC and is in great original condition!

I regret that since I no longer own a Mk2, that I have discontinued the register of these cars. I will post some tips soon for owners trying to identify their Mk2 as one of these cars.


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