1967 Jaguar Mk2 3.4 Saloon

1967 Mk2 3.4 - Class awards - 2nd Place 2003 North American Driven Champion, 1st Place 2004 North American Driven Champion, 2006 1st Place NW Regional Champion

2004 North American Class Champion, 2003 & 2006 Regional Class Champion

Jaguar Club of North America 

North American Concours Championship 

Jaguar's small saloons (sedans) were the compromise for the enthusiast that desired a two seat sports car, yet required more room for hauling a family or business associates.  With outstanding performance, styling and handling, these classic Jaguars are a great joy to own!  See more information below, click on any picture below to see a larger image.

The print above is the excellent work of David Hourigan. To see David's work of Jaguar and other marques click here. He can do a custom print of your Mk2, MGB, BMW, Alfa, check it out!


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We were fortunate enough to win several awards during our ownership of this fine motorcar.  Our Carmen red Mk2 now resides in Connecticut.

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I converted the car to wire wheels from the original steel wheels and to a manual gearbox with overdrive, from the original automatic box.  Click here to see a side by side comparison of before and after.


About our car.

Car Number P180949BW, this car was assembled in January 1967, and  was sold new in Portland, Oregon in May 1968.  It has always been well maintained and cared for.  It is in original condition (except for my correct modifications to factory options of manual gearbox and wire wheels.)  

Our Mk2 is one of the rare production Mk2's with 3.4 liter engines brought into this country and re-badged as 340's.  To read more about these cars, Click Here

On the difference between a 3.4 and 3.8 Mk2.

This is one of the nicest Mk2's I have ever driven, and it was the first time I had considered owning a 3.4 over a 3.8 Mk2.  (I sold my national champion concours winning 1960 3.8 Mk2 and kept this car, it is that nice!)  I have not found the top end performance of the 3.8 to be that much superior to the 3.4.  I have also found the 3.4 to be faster off the line than the 3.8, with the 3.4 version of the XK engine only giving up 10 bhp, but saving almost 60lbs of weight.  I find the 3.4 to be a much smoother engine, and with the weight savings up front, a better balanced car for handling.

Drive on!

Our car is driven regularly.  We make regular trips to Vancouver and Victoria, B.C., Seattle and Portland, as well as drives out to the Oregon Coast.  The car always performs flawlessly, and cruises all day long at 70-80 m.p.h.  Here's a shot of the car on the trip, when we visited the Space Needle in Seattle on the cars first trip to Vancouver (note it still had solid wheels.)

Space Needle

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