We unfortunately lost this great car to an engine fire and sadly the damage was too great to permit reconstruction. Sadly, a cat that had used all its nine lives.

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The Jaguar XJ Series 2 Coupe was the last Jaguar model that bore the influence of Jaguar's founder, Sir William Lyons.  Produced with the 6-cylinder 4.2 liter engine it was known as the XJ6C, or when equipped with the 5.4 liter 12-cylinder engine, it was the XJ12C.  With their  pillar-less coupe bodies, these cars are some of the most beautiful Jaguars produced! 

Our XJ6C is one of only 3,900 LHD coupes built between 1975-77.  It is estimated that only a few hundred survive.  This rare Jaguar has slightly more than 113,000 miles since new, two previous owners, meticulously maintained, it is a very nice XJ6C.  4.2 liter, 6-cylinder Jaguar XK engine, this cat loves to run!  Awards winner at Vancouver, Canada and Portland All British Field Meets in 2005.

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A California car all of its life until 10/04, the XJ6C was sold new in San Jose, and its previous owner had it for over 18 years.  Unfortunately we lost the car on July 4, 2006. A passer-by said at the time, it was a bit extreme to burn a British car on the 4th of July, I resisted the urge to throttle them! Here are photos from the fire.


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