1965 Jaguar 3.8S (S-Type)

2012 NW Regional Concours Champion - Jaguar Clubs of North America

Jaguar introduced the S-Type in 1963, soon after the launch of the MkX Saloon. Jaguar saw an opportunity to capture market share with a saloon that was mid-range betwwen the smaller, sporty Mk2 and the large MkX. The answer was the S-Type, which was a redesigned Mk2, keeping the Mk2 frontal styling aspects while incorporating the larger boot area of the Mk2; along with more upscale luxury features. While the car was released with both 3.4L and 3.8L dual over-head cam six-cylinder Jaguar XK engines, only the 3.8 version supplying 220hp was sent to North America. Jaguar also utilized the independent rear suspension of the E-Type and MkX, making it a better handling and riding car than the Mk2.

Produced between 1963 and 1968, the 3.8S was Jaguar's best selling model in 1965 and 1966. Although it was one of Jaguar's best selling models, the production numbers were small, with only 5,418 total LHD 3.8S models rolling out of Jaguar's Browns Lane factory. Just as Jaguar redesigned the Mk1 to create the more contemporary Mk2, and then the Mk2 to the more contemporary an up-range S-Type. The S-Type was subsequently redesigned and the 420 was born. At one point, Jaguar had nine saloon models across multiple price ranges in its line-up. That was to change with the introduction of the XJ6 in 1968 and consolidation into one saloon model.

Our 3.8S is an original survivor. With just under 57,000 miles on the clock when we bought the car in 2018, the car is a virtual time capsule of fine British motoring in the 60's! Imported into Canada when new, it has lived in Victoria, British Columbia most of its life. The car was found in 2010 and given a symapthetic restoration to preserve as much of its originality as possible. Still wearing its original Cotswold Blue paint, it is a proud old motor car! We call it 'Sir John' in memory of our dear friend John Fitzgeorge-Parker, one of its previous owners.


Portland ABFM 2018 - "Old & New":

Simon Scutt who did the restoration on the 3.8S
In memory of our friend John Fitzgeorge-Parker
Now sporting wire wheels:

Chassis Number: P1B76325BW
Build Date: October 7, 1964 - Dispatch Date: October 11, 1964 to Jaguar Cars, Canada
First Owner: H. Roberts, Victoria BC, Canada

Now sporting an optional Derrington wheel:

The late 'Sir' John.Fitzgeorge-Parker:

Engine & Boot
The 3.8L DOHC XK Engine
IRS Unit which gave these cars their superior handling and ride.
Ready for touring!

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