Disaster Strikes

Disaster Strikes!


On July 4, 2006, my 1975 XJ6C caught fire and burned.  We are not sure why, could have been fuel, could have been electrical.  It happened a few blocks from home in the early evening.  The car sputtered as if it were out of gas and died.  I coasted down the hill a little ways to a stop at the side of the road, and smoke and flames were already coming through the hood.  No previous warning, I had driven the car earlier in the day with no problems.  It had just made a round trip to Canada to the Vancouver ABFM about a month before. 

Here are pictures taken during and the day after the fire.  As you can see, everything from the firewall forward is toast. The front shroud is warped, as are the RF fender. However, the interior and rear 3/4 of the car are OK. Unfortunately, the insurance company considers it a total loss.  I hope someone gets it that can help put another of these rare cars back on the road.



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